spaces encompass the protagonists who appear consumed by the space en passant. they confront with unreal places. narrative startings are cut, scenes seem trapped in an iterative structure and the promise of fantastic landscapes doesn't unclose an escape. spaces detached from their locality are both real and fantasy. i seek the space that opens up in the form of an affective gap.

impassenger @ sixpackfilm with a text by shilla strelka
CAST: Fenfen Huang, Zheng Zheng Jiang SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ralo Mayer and Victor Jaschke for their perrenial support, advice and empathy, Ine Lamers for London and her comments, Austrian Cultural Forum London for hosting me, Marta Bakst for her excellent assistance in London, Shanghai Theatre Academy for their technical support, Julien Diehn for sound consultancy, Melanie Ender for watching, BoJing Su for freezing her tails off in Shanghai, and Lei Saito for a great spot in Paris.

Shot on location in Huangshan, Shanghai, Paris, Cairo and London

"Impassenger présente un espace de résonance émotionnelle et, ce faisant, permet au cinéma de devenir haptique. Ce film explore la relation entre la proximité et la distance, et permet à l’objet de l’enquête de figer sa soumission." FNC Montréal

"A cinematic poem shrouded in shadow and mist. An image of water whose surface reflects the surrounding light. The hands of a woman holding a purse in the gloom of a city street. A snow-covered mountain landscape with massive trees reached by a cable lift. Through the sensitive composition of the film, these seemingly banal images begin to speak and reveal an inner world, an inward dream landscape of anxiety, alienation, isolation, and desire. Entrancing poetry relies on a delicate grasp but it’s impossible to resist its inner magic." Hubert Poul
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