a lucia
16mm, 10min
Ben Pointeker & Julia Lazarus
a lucia, captioned with a dedication, is composed of long photographic landscape shots that lay
open the skeleton of a narration. Actors appear in fragments, beyond a recognisable social or local framework, like traces of a (film) narrative.

The images, time delayed and sequential individual impressions, produce and visualize various
states of emptiness, a concentration of the senses which is both idyllic and agitated. These images have been imbued with stormy elements and a forced graininess, while theintermittent crackling soundtrack supports both density and emptiness. The individual subjects do not show causality; the text comprises the event of the depiction rather than the traces of its circumstances. At the same time, they break out in an unreal moment of openness, a beauty which has been liberated from practical interests and systems, and produce anxiety in the presence of irreversibility.
(Rike Frank)
distributed by sixpackfilm
video preview
START     IMPASSENGER     ERDKĂ–RPER (SUNS OF TEMPER)     PHENOMENA      . ..... .:.:...:::ccccoCCoooo::      DIESES WILDE KLAFFEN     A LUCIA     OVERFART     what is looking?     what is time?     which spate of time is longer?     basic condition